Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Best Toys for Boys

Have you every noticed that the best toys don't cost anything at all?

Boxes are the best! Big boxes make great houses, tunnels & nap rooms. Box cars, box boats, box-trains are all so-o fun.

Bubble wrap takes a close second and doubles as a distraction while traveling (more for the big littles, if ya know what I mean) - but, please do watch and do not give the bubble wrap to littles that put it in their mouth. Play team games with similar size pieces of bubble wrap - see which team pops all their bubbles first. Alternately, let them jump on the wrap to burst all the bubbles...ideas are endless.

So... let them take out frustration or fill the boredom void - with bubble wrap - recycled, of course.

Sticks and stones are not long forgotten around here. This summer our eldest sons picked up a new hobby (well, new to them) ... rock hounding. Their Great-Grandfather was a rock-hound and when we stopped by one of his favorite quarries on our vacation it was an instant hit with out guys too.

Then, there's the sticks: this fall they came up with wood-burning as their art of

It's really just like Crystal said on her blog today. And as you can see from Crystal's picture post ... it's not just for boys.

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