Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blessed Again!

Last summer we had a hot spell. Not thinking, we left one violin on it's stand - of course, it was the best one we have, the oldest, the nicest sounding ... the one the boys pick up and play most anytime they stroll past it ... The heat caused the glue to release and with the tension on the strings the neck "broke" off. It was just another thing that went "wrong" for us at that time, but our long-term plan with that particular violin was to have it refinished anyway.

Well, to make a long story shorter, Ken took this broken violin to the man that first taught him and our two oldest how to make their first violin. Today, he called and Ken went to pick up the refinished instrument. It is absolutely beautiful! The flame shimmers nicer than ever and the sound ... is superb. Ah, just in time for Christmas. What a blessing!

So, first, God has used this man to bless our family through his generosity - leading us into violins, both making and playing, and now he's blessed us again by putting his professional touch on a treasure that needed restoring.

God bless you, Abe! Your gift for His glory!

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