Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nothing Like ... Homemade Croutons

Not only are homemade croutons a great frugal trick they're a delicious gourmet treat! A healthy snack! An easy meal-maker!

Cube a couple slices of your favorite whole wheat bread. Toss into a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add some of your favorite spices - ours are garlic salt, oregano leaves and chili powder. Toss and stir regularly as the croutons toast gently on low heat until the cubes are dried and toasty. Use immediately or store in closed containers until needed. Freeze in zip-locs if you're storing more than a week.

A big bowl of cesaer salad seems to be a repeated request - at home and to take along to gatherings. It is so easy & so good! ... and always gone!

Our favorite cesaer dressing is "Rene's".

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