Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gifts for Growing Boys

Through the years, my husband & I have tried to give our sons gifts that match their personality, their unique gifting from the Father.

Here are a few ideas:
- their very own Bible. By age six each son has had their own. By then they are able to read a little on their own already and when the family reads these little ones feel so VERY important to be able to read a verse out loud right from their own Bible, the same as everyone else. It is well worth it. One additional note - we have found the giant-sized print Bible makes it easier for little eyes (same as older eyes right).
- Bible cover
- Lego
- meccano
- drawing/sketch sets
- musical intrument
- music accessories: violin stand, harp stool, music stand, music case,
metranome, etc.
- yoyo
- harmonica
- skates
- hockey stick
- shovel
- snow scoop (child size if need be - but buy quality, you won't regret it)
- flashlight
- tool box
- tools: hammer, measuring tape, pliers, etc. - they may come in handy "Boy" (pun-intended :-) - do their little hearts swell when they can help out Daddy with their stuff ...
- cordless drill: our eldest son's cordless drill is used up in his service to the family (or at least the batteries are worn our, even though it is a DeWalt, but it will cost just as much to buy new batteries as a new drill). The purchase has still been worth it though, had the drill been Dad's, it wouldn't have given the character benefits of ownership. Son #2 is now asking/waiting for his drill ...
- fishing rod & tackle
- sleeping bag
- life jacket
- huge bath towels (different colors for each - but colors that co-ordinate in your bathroom). Eventually, they'll take these with when they leave - depending on how long it is until that time ...
- desk lamp
- wallet
- watch
- games: Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki - teaches accounting/real estate by "osmosis" = FUN!

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