Saturday, December 8, 2007

Market-Evaluation Customized

One thing I've done periodically in the past and again recently was to write a letter to a company to let them know if I like or dislike their product. Since becoming a paid mystery shopper I've come to realize that taking such pro-active action is really beneficial to the company. It is for that reason that they will usually send a coupon for free product.

The address for each company can be found on the package/container. I suppose a Google search could also give online access to this process... Has anyone tried this avenue?

The rules I follow are to:
2. Be honest.
3. Be factual.
4. Be helpful by providing product information like UPC code, size,
expiry ... whatever could help them. Even offer suggestions you would like to see added.
5. Be concise.
6. Use correct letter format, spelling, grammar as best you can. Present it professionally. Typed or hand written are both acceptable.

This last item was for a toilet bowl cleaner that I felt did NOT do the job as well as its other variety of the same brand. The company sent me a generic coupon that had printed on it a list of many/all the various items this company offers - I could choose which item I wished. So I choose one that I use a lot ... which ended up being one of the most expensive on the list, but one of the only ones that I wished to buy as I certainly DID NOT want to buy another of the "faulty" product. The cashier just filled in the purchase price of my new product.

So in essence, you could create your own mystery shopper position writing many companies to let them know your opinion of their product. It takes a little time, but it is beneficial to you & others. Plus you get the remunieration of the coupons.

Now, that said. I know I have sent praise of product in the past and not received a coupon, just a thank you response, but knowing you've blessed someone gives a good feeling too.

Also, I have not yet tried this method using the internet/email method. Instead, I 've chosen to date to do this using snail mail, believing this may leave a more sincere message with the manufacturer. Granted, then you also incur the expense of postage.

Has anyone else had experiences like this?


Emily said...

You mentioned that you're a mystery shopper. Would you mind sharing with me what company you work for? I'm interested in doing this, but don't want to get stuck doing a scam. Thanks!

Darlene said...

The company I work for is Consumer Connection.
You are wise to be discerning! This company is legit though. I've made good money these last 7 months. Though I've been with them for about 3 years - I just have not been accepting all their offers - I've been too busy, etc..