Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fabulous Four

The twins have turned four. It seems like so long ago that they were born - it seems like more than four years. Then again - it's like eight years packed into four. Four fabulous years with two wonderful blessings from God.

Their cake was an idea they spotted in November already, never letting me forget that they wanted a horsey cake for their birthday - thanks for the idea Karen!:

Edit note: Well then, thanks to Janique for the cake idea (Karen's daughter). Your idea was fun for our creative guys to put together too - AND to eat it! LOL!
Keep on generating those ideas Janique - it will take you places and bless others as you go. Just like this one blessed us! Thanks a bunch!

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Karen said...

Lol... that's funny (cute) that they remembered they wanted the horsey cake! (What a compliment ~ but I have to clarify that the horse cake was Janique's idea, so I made sure she saw this entry).

Those 4 yrs have gone by very fast!

Happy Birthday Benjamin & Bronlin!