Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sign of the Cross

This week is when we remember the work of Christ on the Cross. Without Him we all would be lost for eternity.

A little activity that has come to my attention is to challenge you & your children to go in search of visible portrayals of the cross in your world. The title of this post is an active link to see sample pictures of crosses that Berit Kjos has discovered in the world around her.

In nature, you may find two tree branches at right angles.
Man made crosses may be intentional or perhaps even unintentional like two airplane trails crossing in the sky, or fences posts forming a cross or threads in a fabric.

Whatever you or your children find will be worth the adventure. Be sure to capture the image with a camera to save it and/or frame it for future reference.

If you can, send me pictures of what you find I will post them here or post them on your blog and leave us your link.

To God be ALL glory!

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