Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fishing Friday

Ice fishing yielded few fish, but at least three of our boys were able to catch their first fish.

Bronlin and Benjamin were glad to catch their first fish while they are still three - just like their oldest brother did when he was three. It may be significant that he was also the one who helped them catch their first fish.

It blesses our hearts as parents to see the older boys tenderly guiding their younger siblings in endeavours like this.

Bronlin had incredible patience while waiting for his fish to bite. In fact, he even caught two little perch that day. Supper was extra special for him - eating the fish he had caught.

Benjamin was just as proud with his prize perch - shh, we know it's kinda small, but to him it's the biggest catch in the world. It is too - because it's his FIRST! That's a big thrill at three (he and his twin will be four in four days).

Timothy's big smile says it all - he was so happy to land his first fish. Last summer he had one on the line, but it got away. This little perch was his first catch and he was glad. Of course, we were glad with him.

Fishing was so fun, we just may try again next week. Maybe, just maybe, we'll catch a few more...

Oh, and watch for a later posting with a new fish sauce recipe we tried and really enjoy ... till then!

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SML said...

What a fun family activity...and delicious too! You've got a wonderful thing going with both this informative blog and your role as mother to these precious boys. Happy birthday to the twins! Sondra