Sunday, March 2, 2008

Harbingers of Spring

Have you seen signs of spring?

Of course, spring comes earlier in some places, but for us here in the middle of the Canadian prairies, spring is just around the corner. How do we know?

We've seen signs. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer - melting snow a bit here and there - and the horned larks have returned to sit on the sides of the road where the dark patches are warm as the snow begins to melt.

To us, horned larks are the harbingers of spring. The first bird we look for when February begins winding down. This year, we spotted this hardy little bird for the first time on February 29th.

The crows will be next. Keep your eyes out for them. Usually there's only one more snow storm after the crows are here.

Of course, after that there's a myriad of things to anticipate ...

Here comes Spring!

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