Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Father at Home

Full-time farming has offered our family the immense benefit of having Dad at home. We're only beginning to recognize the amazing influence Father can have. We knew this is God's way, but it blesses my heart to see Ken's influence in action.

As it pertains to our home-education of the boys, I like to say "It's nice to have the principal in residence." And that's just what he is.

Today, I noticed two times how important Ken's presence in the home is - once he came to see how our beginning reader and I were getting along with our studies and in doing so, he recognized and captilized on a spiritual teaching moment.

The second time I was blessed to see Dad optimizing a teachable moment was in the application of a math concept with another son.

In both cases, Ken used the academic study to make a spiritual application. It was very appropriate. I have done and continue to do some of the same, but a Father's infuence carries so much greater an impact. Besides that is the obvious benefit that there are now two of us optimizing teachable moments.

Of course, a household where Father goes off to work optimizes spiritual teaching moments as well. I'm just noting the benefit of Father spending quantity time with the children in addition to Mother and of course, making it quality time as well.

Deuteronomy 6 lived out on the farm.

To God be ALL Glory!

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