Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ample Provision

We have reason to give praise to Jehovah Jireh, our Provider:

We now have not just one, but four, yes that's 4, deer to put into the freezer. That's enough to get creative - we're hoping to be making some sausage and some jerky this time around. It'll be another learning curve no doubt, but we're up for that.

Corbyn got a second using his Dad's tag and another perfect, free-hand shot. That was a very neat scenario where Daddy & all his six boys were able to get in on "the hunt". They had gone out to meet Ken's brothers at their hunting camp near our yard when they spotted this young buck - Ken stopped, Corbyn got out & loaded, walked around the suburban & took a free-hand shot at the young buck that was still "posing" for him. One clean shot and the second deer was "in the bag". The littles would have normally not been able to witness the hunt at their young age, but this opportunity just presented itself.

Carsyn harvested his first deer - with the muzzleloader & in company of his Uncle Gil (who has the photos on his camera - we'll get them at a later date). He too dropped his target with just one good clean shot.

Carsyn's doe was the third animal harvested and then they were given the carcass of yet another good size buck by a friend of the brother's who really didn't need the meat, but was just out for the hunt with expectation of finding someone who would be able to use the meat.

So that "job" is done. It's good to have it behind us now so we can get on with cutting & wrapping ... and then other things!

Good life learning!

To God be the glory!

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