Monday, November 24, 2008

Kellogs Cereal Offer

Not all coupons are valid in Canada, but if you go here you can print off up to six coupons per computer for a one $1 coupon off of any Kellog's brand cereal.

The coupon does not state that they are only valid in the USA like so many coupons do - watch for an edit note once I've tried this coupon, but it should work.

In addition to that, if you shop at the Real Canadian Superstore they often have an instore coupon worth $3.00 off a purchase of three boxes of Kellog's cereal. Usually there are some boxes priced about $2.97 - $3.48. It does work to stack the 3/$1 manufacturer's coupons with the $3.00 instore coupon to get a total of $6.00 off of three boxes of Kellog's cereal = about 2 boxes free.

1. Print the manufacturer's coupons.
2. Watch the sales.
3. Use instore coupon from Superstore.
4. Stock up on cereals.

Kellog's coupons expire 12/24/2008

Just thought I'd pass along this "deal" to my faithful readers.

Edit note: All the Kellog's cereals are priced high this week at Real Canadian Superstore though they did have the $3 off/3 coupon. Keep checking though - this is a regular instore coupon and they usually will have some of their cereals priced lower. I just didn't need cereals this week so I opted to leave that for another week in expectation of finding better pricing.

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