Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Historic Moment @ Klasse Woods

The biggest tree on our property came down today. It was struck with the disease that is taking many of the big trees in the Spruce Woods surrounding us.

Thus our interest in BMP harvesting -- Best Management Practices is a Manitoba government program that is attempting to clean up Manitoba's hardwood stands in riparian areas by taking out dead trees first, then diseased trees and finally good trees that can be removed for monetary profit, but also by their removal encouraging the regeneration of the forest.

This program fits with our desire to be good stewards of the land that God has blessed us with. We are grateful that our two oldest sons have been able to take woodlot safety management courses that certify them as BMP loggers, giving them knowledge in how to be safe in this work.

The bystanders got in on the fun at the end.

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