Friday, December 11, 2009

A Luthier, Maker of Stringed Instruments

We have a luthier in our family. Carsyn is currently in the process of building his second violin.

It's taking shape ...

It takes incredible patience, perseverance and precision. Carsyn is a good match for this project which he had set on hold while he completed his high school studies last year.


diane u said...

hey would Carsyn be interested in fixing up an antique one? Will got one given to him years ago, and it was broken when he got it, it still has great sound, just needs work.come check it out sometime. diane

Darlene said...

Diane, That might well be beyond his abilities at this point, but we'll definitely try to put a date on coming "sometime".
Been praying for you & yours ... Love, Darlene