Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Look at this easy, elegant ice-luminary.

We just put a five-gallon pail of water outside to freeze, then when the walls were about 2 inches thick we cut a hole in the top and drained the rest of the water. As it turned out the bottom was very thin still so we just broke out the bottom, put a lit candle on an inverted empty fish tin then placed the ice-shell over-top the candle.

Very elegant.

Someone mentioned seeing this lining the walks outside the church at a wedding -- nice idea, don't you think?

To dress it up, one could freeze decorations into ice as well for extra appeal.

Another tutorial for ice-luminaries can be found here.


bekah said...

We've done this before! They are very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

We have done this, but I put it on a charger, put the luminaria upright (so the open is on top) vs. how your picture is. Then we put a candle inside. I have placed cut greens around the outside of the luminaria on top of a charger (like gold -- which you can buy on clearance sometime!)...and have given as gifts! Makes great Christmas centerpiece!

Melissa N said...

Hee hee - set it outside to freeze! I am freezing now, inside my house - it's a cold 52 outside here in Houston!

Judy said...

How fun! It doesn't get cold enough here yet to freeze a bucket of water, or to stay frozen for very long but I will definitely have to keep this in mind!

Maria said...

I wish to do it! But I live in Miami, and we still have hot temp. , maybe start to get down , but impossible to freeze it.

Darlene said...

For those of you who live in warmer climes, this could also be made by putting your pail into the freezer though likely you'd be using a smaller pail. It makes an elegant table center piece as well, though it would last a shorter time in higher temps. Still elegant though. Just place it in a dish that would catch the drips.