Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Misty's Quincy

Who is Misty, you say?

Misty is our dog, a fun-loving black lab resident at Klasse Woods.

What's a quincy?

It is a man-made snow cave. A pile of snow, any size will harden a "crust" layer on the outside if left alone for an hour or more. Then a cave is hollowed out.

It is a technique that hikers and climbers use for safety & survival in cold climates. We learned of this one year in Saskatchewan when the winter had a low snow yield. It was amazing, the children could enjoy a new form of snow-play. It really doesn't take much snow at all to make a pile big enough for a person to climb in. It is also amazingly warm.

Thus the idea to make a dog house for our dog. We modified it a bit by just covering her previous barrel house with snow. The blue 45 gallon barrel is just laying on its side with a "door" cut into the bottom end of it. It keeps her warm & dry. Now, a nice fresh bed of straw and the dog's own body warmth make it a cozy place for our outdoor dog to take her winter naps.

Our boys had fun shoveling a pile of snow for Misty's own quincy. Thanks guys for taking care of the animals.

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