Saturday, February 16, 2008

Frugal Sweet Treats

Have you ever done this?

Shopped for valentine's candy after Christmas?

Easter chocolates after February 14th?

Dipping/baking chocolate after Easter

...and Christmas candy after October 31?

After Christmas, at the clearout sales in the candy isle, I purchased Lindt chocolates @ 75% off. I saved them until February 14th when I shared the sweet treats with my husband and sons.

We're not big on candy nor chocolates (two chocolates each), but even a little bought at 75% off is a frugal saving. Then buying the expensive selection is extra special in my mind.

My life has not offered a reason to go to the city and pick up a stash of clearence bargins this time, but there may be some out in your stores today yet. By Monday, I'd expect those deals to all be snatched up by other bargain hunters. In which
case, I guess you'll have to wait until after the next big seasonal blow-out.

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