Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Join in Prayer

Confessions of a CF Husband is a blog that I've come across recently. It truly touches my heart.

Nathan and Tricia are a young couple with a new-born premature baby girl, Gwyneth Rose - isn't that a lovely name they've chosen? Their story is rather unique though in that they discovered they were pregnant just days before Tricia was scheduled for a lung transplant. Tricia has been expecting this, waiting for the transplant most of her life. She has cystic fibrosis.

These people are strangers to me, yet because of our mutual faith in Jesus Christ, we are related. Thus, their burdens have become mine as I can join in to help carry the burden, praying on their behalf for God's glory in and through their lives.

Nathan has a gentle persuasive way with words. Calm and confident, real and respectful.

To read all about their victorious journey together through this valley of shadows I encourage you to go read their blog.

I trust you'll be blessed by your visit. Impressed by their faith and burdened to join the throngs at The Throne on their behalf.