Friday, February 15, 2008

Vinegar, Solution to Stains

Laundry stains are an unending challenge. Especially in a house full of boys - or do girls get dirty too?

I read somewhere that vinegar is a great laundry stain remover … I had just the challenge to try it on.
Two favorite white t-shirts and two favorite orange t-shirts were all stained with fresh cherry juice since last summer AND they’ve gone through numerous washings. I had relegated these favorites to home use having tried time and again with various solutions and never able to remove the stains.

So, I mixed up a vinegar solution 1/1 in a spray bottle. I have now successfully removed the stains out of the two white t-shirts and one of the orange. Repeated spritzing seems to be working on the second orange "T" until the stains are gone. The orange t’s are not loosing color either, PTL!

Our 3 yr. twins just love our cherries and, of course, they get some stains. Last summer, whenever we couldn’t find the two of them we just had to look in the orchard. The funny thing is that these cherries don’t stain everything – sometimes I can just wash it out of the fabric, other times not. Kitchen clean up after the cherries is a breeze too. It’s uncanny!

… but getting back to the laundry stain removal. I am excited about that!!!!!!!! I had planned to make the two orange "T’s" into pillows for the twins when they grow out of them giving them the long-term benefit of the Scripture message, “Behold God is … mighty in strength of understanding.” Job 36:5

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