Friday, February 22, 2008

Making History in Saskatchewan

History was made in Saskatchewan this week and though it was rather obscure it marked a step in the progress of our advancement into the frontier.

This advancement came in the area of education.

CLEP services are available in nearly every locale south of the border, but until February 2008 only Calgary and Vancouver offered the CLEP testing sites in Canada.

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. It is a little known fact, available to everyone as an option in higher education. It has been around for decades, but particularly in Canada, it is not widely known.

On February 20, 2008, the first CLEP test was written in Regina, at the Wascana Institute.

This is a noteworthy advancement for people in Saskatchewan. No longer do they need to consider the cost of driving to Calgary or into the States in pursuit of their dreams, it is available to them right in our home province.

It has been well over a year now since a few of us Saskatchewan home-educator parents, first began the process to bring CLEP testing closer to home. Though Regina is still 3 hours away, it is closer than our options before. and it is still a possibility that the other community colleges around the province will add the CLEP testing service to their centers once the college in Regina has set precedent & proven the viability & need of just such a service.

We count it a privilege to have had our son, Corbyn, be the first student to write a CLEP in Saskatchewan. Here is a picture of him taking that historic first test:

Yup. He passed. His first 6 college credits to his name.

With distance learning fast becoming a viable option for education since the introduction of the Internet, the venue is changing.

Clep testing gives credit where credit is due - if you write a college test and pass it, you get the credit.

Students attending a brick & mortar institution write the same test and get credits if they pass.

It is possible to pursue most degrees virtually, with a few exceptions.

Do your due diligence as it pertains to your chosen field of study.

If you wish to pursue a combined CLEP and traditional courses to get your degree, be sure to check with the institution through which you would like to receive your degree as to their preferences regarding which CLEP tests they accept - institutions vary.

But be assured, there are Colleges that will award a full bacholer's degree using CLEP testing, life experience, and/or a minimal number of online courses.

So folks, consider this an option for you. Challenge a test, many tests.

Get the credit you are due!


Just Me :) said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :) The cinnamon pudding recipe is now up.

Congratualations to your son on earning his credits. :) We home educate too so I found this information very interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)

Linda Jo said...

CLEP testing is a smart way to reduce the outrageous costs of college!!

Way to go Corbyn! Keep up the good work!

A young man at our church CLEP'd out of his first three years of college... not sure of the exact amount but it was a lot!

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