Saturday, February 23, 2008

Planning A Grad

Homeschool Graduations can be so unique. Individualized to suit the graduate, the schedule, the season (which can be anytime - whenever the graduate completes their course of study), or whatever.

We've come to that point in our homeschool journey and we need ideas to make this a memorable milestone marker.

So far, one thing I'd like to do is have the occasion engraved onto fieldstone, a permanent yard ornament for our son. We'll have it made on a stone that is not too large, something that can be transported as he moves in life. We started this little tradition when he was baptized upon confession of his faith in Jesus a couple of years ago. It will be nice to continue this for each memorable milestone marking the occasions in the lives of each of our children.

This was done amateurly, at home using a Dremel with diamond bits. It would be nice to get it done professionally.

Would you share your favorite activities, entertainment, foods, keepsakes etc. that you used in your graduate's celebration?


Anonymous said...

Our two boys graduated this past December. I had envisioned a time of remembrance, prayer and such, but they wanted low key.

So, we made photo collages, had a open house and took pictures. Since it was their graduation, we felt it important to respect their wishes.

Perhaps I'll get my chance with my two youngest girls.

This should be fun seeing what others have done, are doing or are planning for the future celebrations.

Thrifty Lady said...

When my nephew graduated from college last May. His dad, uncles, Grandpa and a few special older friends took him out to a park for a special time. Each man wrote a letter to Jon encouraging him in his faith and giving him words of wisdom. After they all prayed together for Jon, his dad presented him with a real Samurai sword, to remind him that he is a warrior for God. Jon thought it was the coolest thing ever! The next son graduates in a few weeks and I think the sword is already ordered!

Darlene said...

Thanks ladies,
Pam, respecting the wishes of the graduand is vital. I can appreciate that thought.

Thrifty lady,I really like the idea of the significant men in a young man's(or young lady for that matter, lol)writing down their thoughts for the graduand. We have planned something similar, but writing it down will make it a tangible, lasting charge.

Thanks for sharing.

Like you, I look forward to the ideas this is generating.

Brenda said...

I love this idea. I've wondered how to make a collection of small rocks with the way God has blessed our lives or answered a prayer in a special way. I could never figure out how to "write" on them to remember what each rock represented. Now I know.


Susan said...

I have two sons that graduated from homeschooling. It was a wonderful and difficult experience all at the same time, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The Lord called us to homeschool before my children were born, and I was teaching public school at the time. My oldest is 25 and my youngest is 19.

I too had visions of what a graduation would look like and they each had their own ideas. You are so right that it's important to respect their ideas and wishes.

I cherish every memory of those days.

Susan Mueller