Saturday, February 9, 2008

Re-cycled Money

This may be so basic you have figured it out long ago, but just in case ...

Way back when I first began teaching money concepts to my oldest when he was little I counted the cost of purchasing a set of play money with which he could learn to count money - I realized then already that I could just change that amount of money (I think it was around $10.00 back then)into small coins and keep it in a special money jar.

Periodically now, our littles get out the money jar and learn sorting skills first, then coin values and eventually they're learning to "give change".

One frugal benefit is that when we're done with needing coins for counting we can just use them - without taking a loss. In fact, it even keeps up with inflation (that's a concept for us adults, of course).

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Earthmommy said...

My little one loves to play with our change jar. We keep in in our bedroom and just drop loose change in there when we empty our pockets at night. I can't even tell you the times this jar has bought us a tank of gas or a few grocery items in a pinch!