Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday: A Hard-Earned Break

A reward earned by walking a 7.5 km Walk-a-Thon - flights over Saskatoon & our farm ... we just had to take the time out to do this!

Up, Up & Away...

Their smiles & intent scan tell all ...

Professional pilot! This was Timothy's first flight...

Taking it all in...

One last picture of our home in SK. God has blessed us so very richly here. We are so thankful. It will always be filled with memories - good ones, great ones, tough ones, growing ones ... God's grace here has been sufficient in every way.

"That was sure fun!"

The twins, Benjamin & Bronlin, were just three months old the first time this annual Prayer-Walk-a-thon was held to benefit Western Tract Mission. They have been on the walk every year since - twice in their stroller, twice walking along with the rest of the family (and/or riding the shoulders of their Daddy or brothers).
This flight was the second time we've earned this prize at the walk-a-thon, this time the twins were old enough to go up in the plane and "make a memory".

What a reward. I'm so glad for them, as I am glad for the other boys too, they all earned this reward ... they had fun!

We all enjoy this annual Walk-a-thon ... Benjamin put it into great words yesterday after his reward flight over Saskatoon when he said, "I got two treats, walking and flying!"

To God be All Glory!

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