Friday, July 18, 2008

A Picture ...

... is worth a thousand words!

The waiting is over.

The rush begins!

August 1 will be here & we'll be gone before we know it!


Diana said...

I have been waiting for this. Sorry I could not get excited for you before this. We have had some sales fall through when we thought all was final. I guess I did not want to give you false hope should it not go though. All the best with packing and moving.
I guess we will see you soon then:)
We will remember you in our prayers.

Darlene said...

Thank you. We covet your prayers.

We're starting to let ourselves get excited - like you, we knew all was not a go until the final papers were signed - but with these next two weeks looming ahead ... well, we'll run now and save the jumping for later.

We expect life to slow down once we're in MB. Even settling in there will be a slower pace than we've been keeping for years - what with working full-time, full-time business, schooling 4 students, toddler twins, church commitments (weekly bulletin ++), ETC.

BUT, I'm sure we'll find things to keep us busy - that's just the way we like to be ... occupying till He comes ... redeeming the time!

Thanks again. See you in two, Lord willing!