Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Week Ahead of Schedule

We consider it a huge benefit to have already butchered, delivered and sold more than half of our "KFC" broiler birds - a week ahead of schedule!

Butcher date was set for July 15th which was actually five days later than we had hoped.

Then Ken called back to the butcher to tell him that our birds are all actually getting much bigger than we'd expected. This variety,the Cobb which is new to us, grows quickly putting much of its weight into the breast meat - bred to do so because of consumer demand.

BUT that has its disadvantages - the birds get so top heavy that if they tip over or get pushed over by their peers they can't get up so they die upside down. Losses were happening every day ...

Then there was the threat that mrs. fox offered ...

Well, we outsmarted mrs. fox and fixed the heavy weights - by calling the butcher. He agreed to butcher some of our birds a week early, then let the rest grow another week till the original butcher date.

This is the blessing - we're now about a week ahead of schedule getting this job finished up in record time partly due to the pre-selling we've done. Next week's deliveries are all scheduled already too - this year sales may well happen in record time ... and we thought we'd have chicken in the freezer to sell through out the winter! Ha! Demand is exceeding supply yet again. PTL!

Then, after next week, we'll be more free to focus on wrapping up operations here in SK, packing and moving on - Lord willing, if all goes as planned.

As you can tell, we're still planning for the August 1 change of ownership, but truthfully that is still not determined for sure.

Once our buyers can remove the conditions (unconditional sale of their house) all will be said & done. Till then? We're still waiting and wondering ... but we're also resting & trusting in our omniscient God who knows the beginning from the end.

Whew! What a relief! What a joy to know Someone like that!

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