Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Life is never wanting for interest on a farm ...

Currently we're having fox fun.

A mama fox has found easy pickin's at Klassen's Sunview Acres All Natural Farm.

Finger lickin' good KLASSEN'S FABULOUS CHICKEN hits the spot for her crew too.

This happens every year at one time or another it seems, but this year it is a little later in the growing season for our chickens - they're ready & waiting for butchering - the date having been postponed a few days due to availablility at the slaughterhouse.

We're grateful that thus far Mrs. Fox has decided to just clean up the chickens that have died for one reason or another: heat stroke, heart attack, etc.

Tonight though, that was not good enough and she got into the fence and attempted to take an old rooster that has been retired to freedom of the whole run. He let up a lot of squawking, waking our guys and saving his life. The guys managed to scare off the fox, then finding nothing they went to investigate the old rooster - he was lying where Mrs. Fox left him in her rush to escape, but a little nudge with a boot set him upright and running off to safety.

Ha! So there, Mrs. Fox.

We'll keep on alert...

Foxes on a chicken farm are not good news, but that goes without saying right?


Diana said...

Well...there you go, another reason Darlene, for a dog that will bark and chase off the fox. Our dogs have been busy with that and the fox can only tease the dogs and are not able to come close to the yard. Dan saw a mother fox a half mile or so away with at least 3 young ones following her.

Darlene said...

You're right, of course, a dog would be a welcome addition in this case.

Like with everything, there are advantages & disadvantages. So it goes.

Diana said...

I understand. It takes time and just the right one to make it work. We would find it very difficult to be without our puppies as you can tell on our blog.