Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Packing Made Easier

Packing up the farm & family is going well at this point. Ken & the boys have most of the outside stuff packed up - the detached garage & hayloft cleaned and ready to be left for the new owners ... likewise the household is starting to look packed up as well.

Packing Tip #1:

Most of the outdoor "stuff" along with tools & toys has been packed into Ken's collection of handy dandy barrels.

Over his years of working at Mitchell's Gourmet Foods, he's brought home dozens of these barrels which have proven useful for many things: water/rain barrels, rodent proof feed barrels (not to mention hauling the grain with his pick-up)...

And now, another use for them is for packing. It's perfect because Ken had wanted to take a goodly number along for use on the new farm. The barrels are on duty, not just taking up space in the moving truck.

Lots of barrels went with this farm operation, but there are still a good number left over. So we even have barrels for sale ... Anyone need barrels?

Packing tip #2:

Another "find" that has greatly benefited our packing procedure is this general purpose stretch wrap that I found one day at Dollarama:

I only bought one that first time, but once the guys started using it they asked me to buy 5 more rolls ... and this stuff lasts a lo-o-ong time. Of course, with packing a household it will get used up rather quickly too - and the moving process will hopefully be easier on the "stuff" as well.

Now that we've discovered stretch wrap, it will be a regular item in our supplies drawer. The stretch wrap adheres to itself, so a couple wraps around an item or group of items holds them together securely - better is many cases than sticky packing tape.

So there you have it - tips for packing days!

We count these among our many little blessings that we're experiencing
daily ...

God is good all the time. All the time God is good!

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