Monday, April 28, 2008

April 27th Encouragement

I am asking God for encouragement each day. Today, April 27th, I was encouraged by the verses on faith from the previous post.

... and then this evening we went to a benefit concert by "The Blue Collar Harmony Boys". We suspected it would be beautiful music because of the word "harmony" in their name.

We weren't disappointed.

For the most part, these young men sang accapella with a few instruments for accompaniment in some of their songs. Acoustic & bass guitars along with a mandolin sweetly accentuated a few of the songs.

We were so blessed, so glad we had gone.

How does this apply & encourage me regarding our potential move? These guys are from MacGregor, MB. just 20 minutes from the farm we have offered to buy. A music group of that quality from that area? We consider that a blessing.

Not only are these young men from the same area we are contemplating ... we discovered that they are also my relatives. Three of them are sons of two of my second cousins on my Dad's side of the family. Ken & I attended Millar College of the Bible with their parents wa-a-a-y back.

And - the church they attend may be a possibilty for us out there also??!!??

Finding a Church, to fellowship with, is of utmost importance to us. We did a little scouting when we were out there, but found few local churches.

BUT if God wants us there He will have a fellowship for us there also - He deems it more important than we do. He will provide, of that we are certain.

What would we do without our Omnipotent, Omniscient God? Christians are so-o-o-o blessed!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

Might be the church where Jonathan attended when he was living out there? Just outside MacGregor?

Looking forward to reading about the next "encouragement"

Darlene said...

That could be the one?! I didn't know that had been his home church. Hmmm, interesting.