Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Encouragement on April 29

Ken's folks arrived today to spend some time with us. We always enjoy having them. They make it easy for themselves & us by bringing their fifth wheel camper to park on the yard. This time we have much to talk about that is new and exciting - our pending move to MB...

As Ken & I spent time talking this evening, I asked him what the encouragement was for today ... both of us had to think a bit, then he brightened and said, "Oh, I know what is very encouraging - Mom telling us about the sandy soil at the MB place. That it would be very good for gardening, allowing at least a two week earlier planting than even where they live at Morden."

You see, Ken grew up just a little east of the place we've offered to buy, where the soil is similar. His Mother knows all about gardening in sandy soil and she's a great gardener. Yes, it was encouraging to hear such rave reviews about the possibilities in gardening should we make that move.

In general, it is encouraging to have positive support from both our parents.

Of course Ken's folks like the idea about our move bringing us closer to the Klassen family, but they also endorse the ideas we've shared & affirm the benefits of the location we've chosen.

My parents, on the other hand, are losing us to the geographical distance, yet very graciously, even joyfully, they do not wish to stand in our way if God should indeed lead us to "greener pastures" in Manitoba. I can not even put into words the blessing that is to me/us. Can you imagine it with me?

We cherish the close relationship we have with my parents and our boys with their grandparents. The spontaneous visits and quick trips to see them, the days & weekends spent fishing with them at their "cottage" will be sorely missed. Yet even in this, if God is in it, we trust He will sustain & provide everything we need ... and everything they need as they enter their twilight years.

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Bonnie said...

I understand the feelings about leaving one set of family to be closer to the other! We have not regretted our move, though it hasn't all been easy, because we know God brought us here for a reason, even if it's not the reason we originally believed. He has supplied our needs.