Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daily Encouragement

On Sunday I mentioned that I've asked the Lord for encouragement for each day regarding our Journey to the Future. It has been interesting to watch how God is leading even in that. It causes us be alert for His action.

Sometimes the encouragement comes through the Word. Sometimes through friends - have you noticed? Sometimes through direct action as it pertains to the actual purchase & sale.

ALL cause us to be alert, watching for when, where, & how God may be working this scenario out for His glory.

Yesterday was the day we sent off the "larger" downpayment that is due April 30th. It was a blessing to see that the funds were in place when we needed it - in time to send it and get there by the 30th. And it wasn't a stretch to get those funds in place with enough left over to carry on our day to day necessities - we can see how God had it all planned long ago.

Honestly, to me, yesterday felt like there was nothing to report. Those funds had been in place for a while already...in retrospect, however, that was a major step in the process. I was a little disappointed though as I looked for further encouragement.

As each day creeps by into yesterday, we watch and wait and we're tempted to wonder how or if God's will is for this place to sell by the deadline we've been given. Yet, in my heart I believe this is God's leading and I anticipate how He will exalt Himself by making possible that which seems impossible. We've discussed as a family that God may be testing our faith. How strong is our faith? Do we believe that God can work even to the last day? He can! Will we trust Him?

As a side note, we did get a phone call yesterday from someone interested in buying only our chickens as they had heard that we were selling ... ah-h-h, no we're not selling just the chickens - it's either the whole farm/business as a package, the farm and business separately OR we stay and continue on with the business as is.

If this is where God wants us to be and He so directs, then we want to be exactly right here with contentment - "Godliness with contentment is great gain" I Timothy 6:6

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