Thursday, April 24, 2008

Journey - More Encouragment

Today Ken got another phone call from our potential buyer, the husband. These people see the opportunity for what it really is - a viable farming operation that pays it's way. An opportunity for them to achieve a long held dream to get back onto a farm.

They want to carry on with the business we've established. They're asking LOTS of questions and they're very willing to learn.

Every dream of theirs is a fit for this place ... like today when she called me, she mentioned that they'd like to have some sheep sometime. Well, guess what, we've had sheep here too - it's all set up for sheep...and right now sheep are low ...

She saw that right away for what it was - another opportunity to diversify into another income stream.

They are believers also - they are praying about this opportunity for them - talking to the same God that we are.

Oh, we serve an awesome God. No matter where this goes, we've seen the Lord and that is worth more than all the rest of this whole experience.

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