Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Journey - Encouragment

Encouragement came through a friend yesterday. She shared a scripture with me and I'll share it with you, II Chronicles 18-20, but especially chapter 20. Go ahead, read it - it seems to fit exactly with where we're at ... resting in the Lord and believing He is at work and waiting for His time. Just like the Israelites rested & believed that the Lord was working things out on their behalf.

Have I mentioned yet that we have until May 15th to sell this place unconditionally? That is what the seller requested and we feel it is fair so that he can re-list if necessary. Possession is set for August 1 - not our ideal time, we would have prefered September 1 and he preferred July 1, so we met in the middle on that.

We have not always patiently waited on the Lord in all things, but to His glory with this situation we can honestly say we and the boys are all waiting patiently on the Lord. It is a frequent sound to hear any one of us encouraging one another and ourselves out loud that God can & will do this transaction if He wants us there.

After taking my eggs to market yesterday I had time to stop and do banking before they closed (usually I get home after supper).

One more encouragment: It was good to see that the money is already in our account that is needed for the bigger downpayment required by April 30th.

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