Friday, April 25, 2008

Journey to the Future - Selling?!

We're selling this place as a package - the acreage with a viable farm operation including the 80 acres that is a mere mile from the new development of the soon to be city of Warman. Part of the reason for our move is to build up a farm that will carry our family into the future. A farm here is not a long term vision. Within 15-20 years it will likely be town lots...and farming next to a town is fraught with frustrations.

As we consider our family, with the ages of our sons ... If we're going to move the farm, now is the best time to pull up roots and venture elsewhere before they put down roots here permanently.

It is not a decision made lightly. Much prayer and seeking the Lord has gone into this already - and we continue to seek God's will. He can yet and may well close this door of opportunity, but we have to try this door.

God has made such amazing indications already that we find ourselves looking with expectation for His next direction.

And yes, we do vaccilate emotionally between excitement and dismay.

Excitement because:
- it's something new - new adventures are often exciting for those in on the action.
- it is a long anticipated move
- seeing God lead & excerising faith in Him
- going through this faith building exercise with our sons
- that place in MB has so much potential
- ministry opportunities that we could carry out based on the ranch in MB.
- the opportunity to live debt-free

Dismay because:
- moving away from my family
- moving away from dear friends
- moving away from family fellowship
- finding a righteous Church with which to fellowship
- leaving behind a great business that we started from grass roots - which is also our established income and going into a new life where we will need to re-establish an income/market
- leaving business clients that have become faithful friends, we wouldn't want them to be hurt in the process of the changes in our lives.
- leaving the home we've built, made comfortable for our family's needs.
- not to mention finding new contacts like Doctors, Dentists ... etc.

It's a big move, but all will fit into place if God is in it. We know that beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Connie Helmke said...

Change that the Lord puts forth is change that he will give you strength for, just trust the Lord when things seem busy and exciting, trust him when you have moved and you are lonily, trust him when things don't make sense for he is faithful and knows your needs your wants and your heart. He is faithful. Words of encouragement for you that I need to remember also.

Connie Helmke

Darlene said...

Thanks Connie. I hear that coming from someone who has walked this path.

We are so thankful to have our God to rely on.