Saturday, May 17, 2008

Faith Grows Daily

I saw this phrase, "Faith Grows Daily", etched onto a rock ornament at the $$ store. One of the little encouragements today.

It spoke to my heart. I think it perfectly describes our "Journey to the Future. I should have bought the rock ... but it wasn't real. It was a plastic fake. I prefer real - maybe I can make a real one as a reminder of these days.

This morning we did not wake up to some amazing miracle, but that's ok.

We have peace.

We have God.

He goes before us and knows the beginning from the end. We'll trust in Him.

First thing this morning on my walk, I communed with God.

He heard & answered as I entered the the door. Ken was already on the phone speaking with their realtor, who had just received our message from Thursday and was "finally" returning our call (Ken tried to reach him all afternoon by phone and also by email).

In a way, it was good that he was out yesterday and therefore could not speak with Ken until after the deadline, 12:00 midnight of May 15th was past. Our faith sustained us through that time ... and God showed His faithfulness by again meeting us in our weakness and bolstering our faith through numerous encouragements that final day.

Remember how we were feeling pushed to make premature decisions by those in MB.? Well, we have no regrets for any decisions made and continue to trust & wait on the Lord.

The biggest little question in our minds (and yours too? smile - I knew it) ...

What now?

One of the options suggested to us by our realtor was to request an extension on the offer.

We were unsure still, where to go from here, when the MB realtor called this morning. Of course, one cry of my heart this morning was for wisdom knowing God would provide that as needed:

James 1:
5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, Who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
6 But let him ask in faith ..."

I did that. It was encouraging to know that God would answer. I could tell that my/our faith has strengthened with exercise. Please understand, it's not that we did not have faith earlier, but now it is stronger - and that? Is a good thing!!

And then ... God's answer was in process as I finished my walk and my prayer. Isn't God good?

How did He answer?

- The call from the realtor first thing this morning.

- Then the content of that call - he suggested the agreement extension - Ken did not even ask.

Evidently they have been showing the place, but no one has even offered except us. They really want to sell - just like we thought, they're torn between two farms in two different provinces. Exactly the situation we'd find ourselves in if we would follow their advice & even their generous offer to carry the financing ...

Ah, thanks, but NO THANKS!

Bridge financing may have it's place once there is an solid offer/subsequent commitment to cross over the financing for a few numbered days ... not sure on all that yet ... haven't had to go there yet. Pray that we don't need to - best case scenario.

Pray for us as we still need to fend off the anxious seller - he's wanting us to put in the crop (at least pay the expenses/he'd do the work). He wants us to buy cattle and farm equipment/supplies already; plant the garden, etc.

BUT ... what if someone else wants it and comes up with the money first? In which case, God would evidently not want us there after all.

It would be a tangled mess. No, to bridge financing. No to owner financing. We will wait on the LORD. Thank you!

We still feel it is too premature & thus it adds a bit of stress to the relationship. He is convinced we're the ones for his farm & so are we, but we ... are waiting for God's timing in this. We simply cannot put the family, our business into a situation like we see he is in(isn't it great of God to open our eyes to such a poignant example as He gives us the wisdom with which to consider our own decision).

So, yes, we have extended the offer for another four weeks. We will continue to seek the LORD daily for His encouragement. And ... our faith will continue to grow daily. This is exciting - growing a faith, I mean. Try it sometime, you won't be disappointed.

Now, just in case you've wondered whether we've been very disappointed and discouraged today, we were not. We were just very busy - another good thing, divinely ordained, I'd say, to keep us from falling to that exact temptation.

Not disappointed? Well, truthfully ... just a little. It was, after all, the death of a vision for us.

But God gave it back when the realtor offered the extension.

Thank you to those of you who prayed on our behalf- see how God answered?

Later in the day, it was encouraging to hear from the seller himself when he called that he really thinks we will make a good fit for his farm ... he wants to sell it to us. Well, yes that is evident because he's trying to sell and needs out of his difficulty, but we feel that he is sincere in this sentiment about us being a good fit for his farm - and we agree (we wouldn't have offered on the place if we didn't think so).

And we still believe that God has His hand in this as well.

I guess it all boils down to patience, that elusive quality that most of us would rather do without:

James 1:4 "But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."

Note that both the verses quoted today are from the chapter we're memorizing ... God is melding it into our hearts.

Please continue to watch and pray with us.

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