Friday, May 23, 2008

Shine & Show

We got a call late this afternoon. A heads up that there will be a showing of our place tomorrow afternoon.

So we're putting a shine on this place this evening ... and baking up a storm for tomorrow's Farmer's Market. Our cherry baking is a real hit with many of the people that come by to pick up their baking.

Too bad we're almost out of the cherries from last season... we're looking forward to another harvest. At least, I'm hoping we'll get some of them?! Depends on possession date at this end, I guess.

We have enjoyed these cherries so much, I will almost be a hardship to do without. Rest assured we'll be planting an orchard at the new place also - how many trees? Not sure yet, but it could be an income wherever we are for years to come - not to mention a nice addition to the family meals. (smile)

Today, when both Ken & I needed & asked God to bolster our faith, reassure us that this was indeed His plan for us to make a move and not just our own desires driving us forward ... God books an appointment with another potential buyer.

Thank you, Lord!

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