Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday - First Day of the Countdown Week

My morning started with prayer to God for continued encouragement. It didn't need to be anything regarding real estate as we do not "do business" on Sunday's, but I needed something again to strengthen my weakness - temptation to doubt ...

At our noon meal. Ken mentioned that he had spoken with a neighbor who has also considered selling his place. In his (the neighbor's) conversations with others, he had been quoted a price just a little higher than what we're asking - and aside from his house being newer, our places are quite similar.

So, anyway, all that to share with you that once again we have received affirmation regarding the price we listed for.

Everything is in God's hands ... as the day approaches anticipation builds, doubts tend to come more often, and we seek the Lord more earnestly than ever.

God is able to do "... exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think..."Ephesians 3:20

How will He provide? The thought crossed my mind that He is not limited to the sale of this place - though we think that is the only way this deal could work.

Please, pray for us this week as we "see the day approaching". May 15th will be a significant day.

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