Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pre-school Number Recognition

At four, our twins are counting to twenty, but recognizing the numbers is another matter altogether. So I found it rather interesting when Bronlin started naming the numbers as the red second hand on our kitchen clock ticked past each number.

After counting around the clock three times he quite confidently knew what the numbers were. Brother Benjamin followed suit ... simple as that, now I think they've "got it"... when they count them in order.

We'll just be sure to repeat that little exercise regularly for a bit and that will be that. Repetition will help them identify each number out of sequence also.

I wonder, somehow counting on the clock will make their learning of time that much easier too ...

Next will be writing the numbers and then writing numbers associated with objects. Sometimes their ease of learning just simply amazes me!

Whoever said homeschooling is hard? It's not.

AND where we, as parents, fail or lack - God fills the gaps.

Of course, it is still our responsibility to live righteously before God.

How is this a "2 for 1"? Learning number recognition + time.


Karen said...

Not to be argumentative, and not to rain on your enthusiasm (how great that your little boys are learning so easily and quickly!), but for some of us, at least some of the time, homeschooling IS hard.


Darlene said...
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Darlene said...


There are exceptions.

We've had our moments too, but God gives grace...Oh, what would we do without a Sovereign Lord!