Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuesday's Encouragement

Ken spoke with our neighbor/colleague Tuesday on the phone (on Monday, I spoke with him briefly because Ken was putting the twins down for their nap). Telephone tag caught up and Ken was able to connect with this neighbor. The outcome of that conversation was that we have a likely sale of the egg business to that person should our farm sell without the business.

In addition to that, the other lead we had to sell the business showed up at our place to "see" the business. They will think and pray about the possibility.

That's fine with us. Commendable in fact. Until we know if the property has sold we cannot sell the business anyway. Both parties know and understand.

Yet another encouragement came through the reading of God's Word in our daily family devotions. It was interesting to me that one of my favorite verses spoke encouragement to our hearts yesterday evening. Being one of my favorites (that we even have prominently displayed on our wall) - why had I not remembered and applied that verse to our "Journey to the Future"?

Isaiah 30:15 was part of the chapter that we read and discussed. We needn't be anxious nor striving to make this deal work ... God can make it happen.

GOD spoke encouragement to us.

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