Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Encouragements

OK, for those of you who are regular readers and wondered where the update posts have been staying - I'm sure by now you've realized that we've had a very busy week and weekend around here.

Last Tuesday, we were privilged to have Ken's folks come over with their camper to stay with us. They're family, it's not really like having company - it's better! We love having them, working with them and visiting between times - letting them discover the life we live.

Wednesday, Mom came with me on my weekly market run - and saw for herself the vibrant egg market we serve. Dad & Mom's help with processing the eggs has gotten us all caught up - what a good feeling! Travelling to MB and working on buying and selling another place, we'd gotten a little behind cause we've been putting time in doing extras...

Thursday, we got our 2008 batch of broiler chicks.

Friday, our encouragement was showing this place though as yet we've had no word of further interest from that party.

Another encouragement on Friday came when I talked with an accquaintence from the past. Ken & I had just wondered whether their place had sold - and I found out from her that it had when I met her in an unlikely place. As soon as she found out that we were selling, she confidently stated, "Oh, you'll easily sell!" That little comment encouraged me - especially since we had just been wondering about them ...

We don't believe in coincidence - it's ALL God! He is Sovereign!

Next came an email on Saturday from a friend who had just read my blog. Her comment was encouragement from Scripture - in my books, God's Words hold the most weight, make the biggest impact:

"...for we walk by faith, not by sight-" 2Cor. 5:7.

Quick and powerful, easy to remember, and apply through-out the day ... Thanks for letting God use you to encourage me!

Today, Sunday, another day filled to the brim with immensely fun and encouraging things ... how did God encourage us regarding our Journey to the Future? He spoke to me through one of our guests - when she & I were briefly discussing our pending move and the need to sell this place within the next 10 days ... she commented with wisdom wrought from years of following the same Lord we serve, "God can even sell it on May 14th!"

That is exactly what our family has discussed about God putting our faith to the test...will we be found faithful right to the end? It gets harder with each passing day - what are we made of?

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