Friday, May 2, 2008

New Life on the Farm

The first day of May was the first day of new life on the farm. We got our 2008 flock of broiler chicks, 1019 of them. More than we've ever had before.

Summer is a time of opportunity on the farm. Some ventures, like the broiler chicks and the cherry orchard, are seasonal. Having seasonal ventures gives a nice variance in the schedule. Something to look forward to come spring, then summer.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

These chicks are now one day old. They are so cute.

It is so great to report not even one fatality yet. The weather turned out great after waking yesterday to a cold wind and a dark sky. This is probably the best temperatures we've had on the day the chicks arrived ... last year we had a blizzard the day the chicks came. Keeping the temperature in their little tent at 90 degrees is easier when the weather is warmer, that is crucial for the little fledglings.

As you can see, we're carrying on as usual. The business continues even though we're contemplating the move to MB. We'll be filling all orders for our regular customers and hopefully, the plan is, presell the rest before butcher date so the deliveries can happen as quickly as possible thereafter so that we can wrap up that operation for this year before change of ownership.

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