Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Precious is the Word of the LORD

I've been tempted to disregard the significance of the Word of the Lord some of these many times throughout this last month. But in reading a print newsletter that came in the mail, I was admonished not to give in to that - God's Word is THE most important, THE most encouraging Word possible.

Not every Scripture I've read or heard has spoken directly to our situation at this time, but so many have. Oftentimes meeting us in our need through our personal devotions, our family devotions or comments from friends.

We have not searched the Scriptures for verses to encourage us. Though there have been a couple of times that I attempted to seek a word from the Lord I didn't know where to start and came away with no encouraging thought to apply. Instead, I resolved again to wait upon the LORD for what He would reveal in His time - AND He has faithfully given encouragement EACH day, when and as needed! Isn't that amazing?

That observation alone is encouraging.

PRECIOUS is the Word of the LORD.

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